We are dedicated to making your bright child even brighter.


Smarten Up is founded on a pretty basic principle -  learning should be fun.   While school is not always easy, and understanding new material is often difficult, we believe that every child is capable of learning. All it takes is creative instruction. 


Every mind is unique


 That is why we believe that instruction should be catered to the individual.  Sure, every child needs to learn to read and write, to understand math, and to know about the world's history and the science behind its existence.  But why should we expect every student to learn all of that the same way?  

That's where we come in.  Smarten Up is dedicated to making your bright child even brighter; whether her exceptional mind is bored with standard curriculum, or she is having a difficult time learning in the classroom, a Smarten Up teacher will create a customized and engaging learning solution to meet your child's unique needs.

Smarten Up has changed my daughter’s life. Anyone who has a child with severe delays in reading has witnessed the painful, shaming experience that learning to read can be. My daughter, who once avoided her homework, is now eager to do it, looks forward to her weekly sessions, and has developed a “can do” attitude in the face of challenges.
— Helen, parent of 3rd grader
Our son has been working with Mara for the last two years, and her insight into the most effective ways to maximize his academic success, given his learning style, have been invaluable. The other Smarten Up subject tutors have been carefully vetted by her and, with Mara’s oversight, provide content support with the benefit of her informed guidance. If your child has any sort of learning issues, this system of subject tutoring makes a world of difference! I only wish we’d found Smarten Up sooner
— Lisa, parent of college sophomore
Smarten Up is the best resource for learning that I have found in New York City. Their tutors have changed the way my daughters think about school – from study skills and organization to math and reading.
— Maura, parent of 5th and 9th graders
Brendan has really helped our son to move forward in both math and science over the last year. Whereas in elementary school and middle school our son’s talent had enabled him to do well in both subjects, in high school both additional effort and additional executive function skills were needed. Brendan was able to provide the steady guidance and support that was needed in both areas, focusing on the specific types of work and studying strategies that were necessary to produce better and more consistent results. Our son is now getting great grades in both subjects, and there is less stress for everyone in our family!
— Neal, father of 10th grader