All that hard work paid off - your child is headed to college … Now what?!

After years of shuttling between extracurriculars, handwringing over deadlines, and working endlessly for the right grades and scores, college acceptances are understandably a moment of celebration. However, as the euphoria fades, we must remember that this college-bound trajectory ends where another journey begins — that is, the experience of college itself, a sometimes bewilderingly new zone of independence and expectation, often accompanied by a sudden drop-off in the support and guidance that students have come to rely on in their primary, middle, and high school careers.

The Smarter College program is designed as a comprehensive blend of traditional academic and executive function tutoring with targeted mentorship.

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Once your child begins his or her college career, not only are there increased academic demands, but research also suggests that most of what determines whether a student will succeed in college “seems to lie outside the tidy box” of either grades or test scores. Our Smarter College program is designed to address both of these challenges.

Topics included in the Smarter College curriculum include

  • Self-advocacy, teacher communication, and taking advantage of on-campus resources

  • Class selection and navigating the new academic challenges of college courses

  • Time and task management

  • Research and writing at the college level

  • Mental and social adjustments to life on campus

Plus our coaches will be there as a sounding board and resource to answer questions big and small!

Our Smarter College program will empower students to confidently navigate campus resources so that they can take make the most of their time, nudging them toward independence without dropping them straight into the deep end without a life vest.

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