The Smarter Summers Programs

At Smarter Summers, our goal is not to take away from the joys of summer, but to provide balance. We offer thoughtfully designed programming for students of all ages. Our goal is to send students back to the classroom with confidence, feeling excited to show off all that they’ve learned, and eager to learn even more!


Our half-day program for students entering Grades 1 - 2 will target foundational reading, writing skills, and math skills using research-based programs within the context of a fun, game-based learning experience.

This workshop provides a guide for writing the personal statement, an under appreciated and delicate genre of writing that takes on a daunting level of importance in students’ college application process. 

This half-day program for students entering Grades 5-8 builds reading comprehension and expository writing skills, while challenging kids to engage with current events and the worlds of art and science.

This creative writing workshop will expose students to dynamic, intriguing work from a diverse selection of authors, and give passionate writers a range of tools and knowledge to add to their writing toolbox!