The Smarter Summers Upper Program

At Smarter Summers, our goal is not to take away from the joys of summer, but to provide balance.

We want our students to return to the classroom with confidence, feeling excited to show off all that they’ve learned, and eager to learn even more!  Our Smarter Summers Upper Program for students entering Grades 9-10 is designed not only to prevent learning loss, but to actually keep kids moving forward with the important skills that will help them to excel in school. This workshop will give students the opportunity to hone their literary analysis abilities and academic writing voice in a fun, engaging, and supportive  setting.



This workshop will offer students the opportunity to analyze an engaging short story by a literary great in order to write an essay that includes an arguable thesis with compelling evidence.


Each day will include lessons on how to write strong sentences, how to structure a compelling piece of expository writing, and how to effectively use evidence to support claims.


Students will combine their literary analysis with the writing strategies they learn in order to write a five paragraph essay they can be proud of.

Your child will love learning with us!

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Smarter Summers - Upper
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