Are you Ready for Halo 6?

By Aidan

Are you a Halo superfan? 343i's new release to be announced in E3 2018, Halo 6, is theupcoming Halo game in the "Reclaimer" saga. This successful franchise is coming out with this new release, but the Halo Community has some speculations and wishes for it. There are still many questions and rumors about the next Halo, but we will find out the truth in 2018.

The "Halo" franchise is one of the most successful franchises on the Xbox consoles. The series has been around since 2001, and will "continue through the next 20 years," Franchise Manager Frank O' Connor says. The fact that the series has been around for so long shows that the franchise is very successful. The most popular Halo game is Halo 3 with over 12.1 million sales. This was Bungie's greatest release before 343 industries took over, and this shows that Halo is a great franchise. After Bungie left the development of Halo, 343 Industries took over and made Halo 4 and 5, which the fans didn't love as much. The sales in Halo were going down, and 343i was a bit more unsuccessful with the franchise. Halo has been successful for many years, but now that the sales have been going down, fans are hoping for a better story in the upcoming release.

Halo 6 is the new upcoming Halo game in its series. Halo 6 has no current release date, but it is to be announced at E3 2018. Instead, Microsoft has announced the Xbox One X. Microsoft announced this consle as a "teaser" to what Halo fans will be playing on. 343i is trying match the story of Halo 3, for it was thrilling and very exciting. The fact that 343i is trying to create a good story means they listen to their fans. Even though Halo 6 may be exciting, there are many wishes from fans.

Fans are very hyped for the next Halo but there are some speculations and wishes they would like in it. In the last game, there was no split-screen play, which is an iconic element in Halo. Fans are really hoping for this to return in Halo and hopefully 343i will do so. Also, in Halo 5, the story lacked the main character, Master Chief. The Halo community is dying to see if the next Halo will have this iconic character in the next story. It appears fans want more of the mode called "Firefight" at the launch, for in Halo 5 it was almost a year before firefight came out. The fans want this because they miss the old games that incorporated that game mode.This new game is getting a lot of excitement from fans, but we won't know if it will be the best until later.

There are still many questions and rumors about the next Halo, to be discovered in 2018. Even though Halo is a best selling franchise, with passionate speculation about its new story, new games may be stealing its fire in the future. Halo fans may get what they want, or be very disappointed.