By Aidan

Have you ever been "dresscoded"?  This rule is unfair to women, and has effects in various schools, but in the end, if people want to wear whatever they want, they should. So there are many arguments about why dress codes are good and bad, and I agree with both sides.

Dress codes are unfair to women that want to wear what they want to. On United Airlines, they have banned the use of leggings on aircraft. Women are outraged because that's the most comfortable thing to wear on a plane, but United thinks it's "inappropriate". Puma says "we fly in our leggings" and offered 20% off leggings if customers brought their United flight tickets in March to April. Puma realizes that their customers can't bring their leggings on United, and empathizes for them. It is sexist that women have dress codes, but the public feels that women who look "underdressed" may be a victim of sexual assault. Although this is a major problem everywhere, women shouldn't be assaulted because of what they wear. Women's clothes are being restricted in various places, but also to students in school.

School dress codes are good, but students want to express themselves. In certain schools, you need to wear uniforms to stay in school. This may feel uncomfortable for some students, because they are not wearing their own clothes, but it helps teachers know what school you are from. In schools that don't have uniforms, they have dress codes, like, no shorts above your knees. I honestly support this because it is inappropriate to show too much skin. Even though students may not enjoy dress codes and uniforms, it's for the best. 

Outside of school, you should decide what you want to wear, and nobody else. Vannesa Friedman argues "I am representing me, and I get to wear what I want, when I want." So, this proves that the public doesn't decide what you want to wear. Some people wear religious clothing, but others don't like that. Just because people are wearing religious clothing, like the niqab, doesn't make them a threat, even though many people think so. I feel it doesn't matter what you wear. It's what you want to wear.

Dress codes are good and bad, and I agree with both sides. It's unfair to women, although it can be helpful in school, outside, you should really get to wear what you want. Hopefully, in the future, people will realize that others have the right to express themselves.