Dresscodes: Unfair for Girls!

By Sami

Have you ever been dress coded? Girls everywhere are being dress coded for the most unfair things in the world. Dress codes prevent freedom of the students. Dress codes don't work. These dress codes are so unfair to girls and should be removed. 

Dress codes are unfair to girls all over the world who havebeen dress coded for a tank top and shorts. This is unfair because BOYS CAN WEAR WHATEVER THEY WANT. They have the same rules as us, but they don't get dress coded. This is unfair, because this is America and we all have the same rights. And who wants to end up in a uniform? According to the Anti-Defamation League, “In recent years, a desire to stop conflict over designer labels and create a more “professional”  school environment resulted in dress codes and uniforms becoming more popular.” This shows that unfair dress codes are on the rise. 

Dress codes don't give the students the freedom of speech that they desire. People have to wear what the school says to wear and not what they want. School districts will lose most of the cases against parents and students if they where brought to court. At one high school dance, the girls could not wear dresses. Now that is what I call unfair! This was because they were afraid of what the girls were going to wear. But they have no clue what they would wear; they’re taking other things from other events and making it a part of this one. 

But if the girls wear the clothes that are primarily being offered to them, do we have a problem here? Many think we do, including Catherine Pearlman, a mother of two who wrote a funny letter to her daughter's middle school principal in a blog post for Today.com that was viewed more than 2 million times. Pearlman said “her daughter, now 13, had been told in the fall by a teacher that she couldn't wear yoga pants because the boys would get turned on and then be embarrassed.”

Then, for two days in a row, her daughter, who is 5 feet 7 inches tall, was told she violated the school's dress code for wearing shorts that were too short: They are supposed to be longer than students' fingertips when they have their arms at their sides. She had to put on boys' gym shorts instead and return to class. This shows that dress codes are unfair to girls and don't work. 

For all of these reasons, dress codes are unfair to girls. They are unfairly applied to girls, they restrict freedom of speech, and they don’t always work. Dress codes are like chains that keep everyone from being free.