Nintendo's First Lawsuit

By Faatima

The Nintendo Switch has been very popular ever since it came out. It sold out in almost every store! Nintendo has since made over 2 million dollars from the Nintendo switch. It is mostly known for its detachable controllers. Nintendo was doing so well with the switch along with the 3ds and Wii U. However Gamevice, a game company, has sued Nintendo for these detachable controllers.

On August 6th, 2017 Nintendo was sued by Gamevice for the Nintendo Switch’s design. This is because Switch is too close to Gamevices design.  Even though the Switch and the Gamevice controller are different products, there may be some truth to this argument that the Switch is trying to compete with Gamevice products. The Switch is a device which the Nintendo users can use to play with at home and while they are on the go. The sides of the console’s controller are detachable. They can be attached to a tablet and can be carried anywhere.

The detachable controllers are what they have been sued for though. Gamevice is suing for damages for the “irreparable injury” caused to its business by Nintendo violating its patent, and the company is asking a court to block Nintendo from “making,  using, selling, and offering for sale the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo and Gamevice have been pretty quiet on the lawsuit with both refusing requests from multiple outlets to speak on the matter. This is showing that there is not much information on this lawsuit which is creating curiosity in the gaming community

The WikiPad and the Nintendo SwItch can actually be very similar to each other. One example is that they both have detachable parts (Nintendo has the detachable controllers and Gamevice has the detachable tablet). Along with that they both have a tablet that comes with it. Other than that there is not much that the Switch and the WikiPad have in common.

The results have been silent on this lawsuit. Will Nintendo have to pay or will Gamevice have to stop selling the Switch? The answer will come down soon.