The Spinner Craze

By Gaby

Have you joined the craze of fidget spinners? Well, they are no longer found in schools, though more than 30 million spinners have been sold. Schools banned them for negative reasons even though there are also positive reasons  according to pediatricians. After considering the facts you can choose what you think.

There are many pro’s about using fidget spinners at school. Fidget spinners help people stay focused, and  it can keep your hands busy, so you can focus on the teacher. This shows that they are positive to learning because kids with ADHD can learn more easily. Studies show that fidget spinners are a good social activity they make a lot kids feel included.  This shows that  fidget spinners are more than a toy because it becomes a connection with other kids. Fidget spinners also help students expel nervous energy. This is important because if they expel nervous energy they can probably be able to do better in school. All of this shows that fidget spinners are positive and helpful to kids in a learning environment.

Although there are many good things about fidget spinners, you should also consider  all the not so great stuff about fidget spinners. Not all kids need the same amount of sensory input ( fidgets) to be successful.  This shows that not all kids need fidget spinners to help them with problems in school. For some people, it could make it even worse.  Fidget spinners are a distraction for some people that don’t need them. It can cause them to do worse in school because it can make them  worried about the fidget and then take their eyes off the teacher.  This proves that fidget spinners have a negative impact on people. If they use it too much as a fidget it can become a toy instead of a therapy tool.   Toys are not allowed in school so this is a distraction, and it should not be allowed in school.  Overall, this shows the con’s of fidget spinners and how they are negative in a school environment and they can cause issues.

Schools have banned fidget spinners, because they have been focusing on the con’s instead of the pro’s.  Principals started banning fidget spinners from their schools because they are a distraction and they are unnecessary. Clearly, principals have been  listening to critics about fidget spinners. "Kids are trading them or spinning them instead of writing," Ellison said. This shows how they can not be useful in class and just become a distraction and this is why they made the ban; anyway a lot of people disagree with them.  A lot of people disagree with this ban because they didn't just start banning fidget spinners they started banning all fidgets. This could really affect kids with ADHD which could lead to them having trouble focusing.  This is a big controversy between people in schools today.

All these conflicting facts prove that fidget spinners cause disagreements.  Though there are pro’s and con’s most schools only focus on the con’s which lead to a ban of fidget spinners. This is wrong because there are people who need fidgets, and schools are taking it away from them. Maybe the school could take notice of each individual and focus on their needs and make separate rules for them.