Exotic Animals Should Live in the Wild

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By Ava

Have you ever wanted to get an exotic pet, like a lion or a toucan? But what if I told you that millions of animals are sold in the illegal animal trade, where many of them will die. Now do you still want a pet lion? I will show you three exotic animals that do not make good pets. Even though exotic pets are cool and interesting, they don’t make good pets.

Boas are very dangerous exotic animals that don’t make good house pets. Even though boa constrictors are non-poisonous they are still as deadly as a poisonous snake. Instead of poisoning their prey boa constrictors can strangle instead, hence why they are called boa constrictors. In Omaha, Nebraska a man was strangled by his pet boa constrictor. If people don’t stop buying boa constrictors, this could happen again to another person. Besides boas there are many other exotic animals that don’t make good pets, such as monkeys.

Though monkeys are cute, they are still wild animals that are quite dangerous. Monkeys have a tendency to bite, and their bites can spread zoonotic diseases. These diseases can include viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites, which are dangerous for humans and sometimes even live threatening. This is one of the reasons why it is a bad idea to own a monkey. Even celebrities have owned monkeys, such as Justin Bieber who owned an endangered capuchin monkey. However, just because certain celebrities have owned monkeys doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea. Getting a monkey is a big responsibility because monkeys don’t mature, which makes them eternal toddlers. An example of this is when a monkey gets anxious or stressed, they throw their own feces and urine. Not only is this unsanitary but it is also dangerous. Besides monkeys and boas, Scarlet Macaws are also bad pets to have.

Scarlet Macaws do not make good pets either, especially since they are endangered.  Scarlet Macaws are very social animals that become stressed when they are left alone. If a Scarlet Macaw becomes stressed they resort to damaging furniture, plucking their own feathers, and screaming loudly. This is not only bad for the owner but also bad for the Macaw because they pull out their own feathers. Moreover, Scarlet Macaws can live to be 70+ years old. So before you get a Scarlet Macaw, you have to be ready to spend 70+ years feeding and caring for it. Besides the 3 exotic animals that I have mentioned, there are plenty more.

Having an exotic animal as a pet is a bad idea, even though they are interesting and fun. Scarlet Macaws, monkeys, and boas are good examples of types pets not to get because of how they are dangerous and hard to take care of. So next time you think about getting a monkey or a Scarlet Macaw, you probably shouldn’t.