ICE Under Trump

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By Sy

“We are managing illegal aliens” said an ICE officer in Tennessee. Have you ever heard of ICE? ICE stands for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Currently ICE is cracking down on workers in Tennessee, taking children who are being stored in an old Walmart and being put in cages, and attacking protesters. Although ICE has some positive effects, currently they are messing up.

ICE invasions have been on the rise since Trump was elected. In one raid, 100 workers fled in all directions, but were eventually rounded up. This is an example of ICE at its worst. In April 2017, ICE raided a northeastern Tennessee meatpacking shop.  A lot of the workers were latino so ICE arrested a lot of them, including an American citizen. The raid happened in Tennessee, a state where Trump won 61 percent of the vote. This makes sense, because Trump supporters usually oppose immigration and support ICE and Border Patrol. This may be an example of one of ICE’s biggest mistakes.

ICE’s response to immigrant children is also concerning. 1,475 children have been missing since Trump has been elected. This shows that ICE is also violent against children.  According to a report by Rachel Maddow, children are being stored in an old Walmart and are being put in cages. Children are easier to capture and are smaller so it's especially inappropriate.  Although ICE has a good purpose, it has done many violent things.

ICE is also being violent against protesters. Hundreds of protesters are being deported out of the country. This is a very big mistake and many people want to “melt” ice

One protester recalls being at one of the protests. The protester says that ICE deported three people that day. Because of moments like this thousands of protesters are mad at ICE.

Under Trump, ICE is getting a bad reputation. In the recent years ICE has had more raids, and is being violent against children and protesters. Immigrants are not a bad thing, and ICE is making it seem that all immigrants are bad, which is unfair.