Transgender Athletes and the IOC

Transgender women are being treated horribly by the IOC .The Olympics transgender debate started when an undefeated transgender wrestler, Chris Mosier, refused to take part in the 2016 Rio Olympics because of the absurd new rule forcing transgender women to dangerously suppress their testosterone.To create this rule that states that transgender women are supposed to suppress their testosterone  was not only sexist but unethical. To have somebody’s dreams come at the price of their physical and mental wellness is atrocious. Anyways in the sports world there will never truly be an equal playing field, because then no one would win. I believe this issue can be fixed by making a different category of the Olympics for transgender people, and perhaps even going as far as to separate them by the genders that they identify with.   

Testosterone suppression can be very harmful; it can lead to serious permanent damage including depression. Depression amongst the transgender community  has been causing the majority of suicidal death amongst them. Some of the other side effects include, but are not limited to, tumor development in rats, abnormal heart rhythms, liver problems such as cirrhosis, as even minor changes in fluid and electrolyte balance may cause liver-related coma. These are just a few of the many devastating side effects that could change someone’s mental or physical state. If someone even had two out of these three tumors their chance of death would be 75 percent. These medicines are so dangerous that they could permanently change your personality.  Changing someone's personality could be very dangerous and the outcome could make someone be ridiculed by their family and friends and it could cause them to do something illegal.

The transgender community has been faced with an impossible choice because of the new Olympic rule. When testosterone levels are decreased it makes your muscle mass and bone deteriorate; this causes damage that would be fatal or career ending. This basically means living like a turtle for the rest of your life, slow and old.  The IOC has given transgender women a very hard choice to either have a chance at the Olympics but then have to end their  career and not be able to continue as an athlete for the rest of their life, or miss out on the opportunity to be in the Olympics. This is completely wrong because studies have shown that a faster deteriorating bone marrow  can be harmful, causing the victim to be barely moving and in constant pain . Why would you want to put someone through that kind of torture? That would be unethical. Should this pain, suffering, and torture be the answer to women saying that “it is unfair to have transgender women in the Olympics against other women”? The answer is no; there is a very ethical, simple solution, which is to have different Olympic groups for transgender women. Some may say that is isolating them but I firmly believe it is better than forcing them into fatal medicine.

             The truth is there is never going to be an equal playing field because then no one would win.  Michael Phelps won eight gold medals in one Olympics. He had a natural body for swimming because his wingspan is longer than his height. The IOC should not be prohibiting transgender women from competing with  their advantage, because if they don’t stop Michael Phelps because he has long arms then why should they penalize transgender women because they have a natural advantage. Kenyan runners have a clear and documented advantage, which is being able to breath in thinner air than anyone else. This is an advantage that could easily be stopped just by prohibiting running mountain races, which are very uncommon. However, they don't do that in the Olympics, but they do this to transgender women. When they found that Marion Lois Jones was using steroids they stripped her of her medal and gave her a ban of 14 months. Should the IOC be comparing and giving more than a 14 month ban?  Transgender women that have natural testosterone are being given worse treatment than people who cheated. It is not right to be comparing someone who knew the rules and broke them with somebody who was born that way.                                                                      

               This problem has a very simple solution; all that has to be done is to create a separate Olympic group for transgender people. This solution would prevent many athletes’ deaths, and it might go so far as to inspire transgender youth. This would also possibly prevent suicides for a young child to see someone out there like him or her with a gold, silver, or bronze medal on their neck. Having an only transgender Olympic group could make more people want to join. It would open the Olympics to a different audience.